Our Team

Our team of warm, enthusiastic and highly trained professionals are here to pamper you, drawing out your inner beauty while enhancing your appearance. These talented individuals take their art seriously; staying updated on current trends in beauty and health, stretching themselves professionally, all to benefit you, our valued client.

Our Thomas Scott Team is awe-inspiring!

We’d love to be your nail salon and provide your massage services in Frederick, MD!

Meet the Thomas Scott Salon and Spa Team

Aimee Johnson, Esthetician Level 1
Angie Spidel, Stylist Level 1
Kristina Hill, Stylist Level 3
Lauren Bickerton, Massage Therapist/ Esthetician Level 1
Gabby Thompson, Esthetician Level 1
Paige O’Grady, Stylist Level 1
Kim H., Nail Tech Level 1
Alexis Rex, Stylist Level 2
Victoria, Massage Therapist/Esthetician Level 2
Rachael Stevens, Stylist Level 3
Sarah, Stylist Level 1
Lisa, Stylist Level 5
Cherry, Nail Tech Level 3
Randi, Stylist Level 6
Andrew, Stylist Level 4
Rita, Stylist Level 6
Gregg, Massage Therapist Level 2
Kenya, Nail Tech Level 2
Meredyth, Stylist Level 4
Megan Clemson, Stylist Level 6
Eddie, Stylist Level 4
Diane, Stylist Level 6
Bekah D., Esthetician Level 2
Lorraine, Stylist Level 4