Thomas Scott Hair Salon Services

Precision Cuts

Few investments make more sense than a great haircut. With exceptional product knowledge and a flair for the original, your Thomas Scott stylist will help you find that look you’ll love—and teach you how to create it at home!



Imagine rich vibrant color interwoven with strands of light and dark. Beautiful. Natural. 3-dimensional.  Your Thomas Scott stylist can custom-design a gorgeous blend of high-lights, low-lights and all-over glazes and rinses to flatter your natural hair color and brighten your skin tones. Also offering stylish ombre hair color!

Preparing for your Fashion Color

  1. It’s best if you can schedule a complimentary consultation before your appointment.
  2. If you have Well Water, are on medications or use any type of recreational drugs the following may happen:
    • An interaction with the lightener may cause your hair to heat up.
    • Your scalp may become irritated and red due to an interaction with the lightener on your hair used to achieve the desired color.
    • You could also experience a burn on your scalp.
  3. It is recommended to come in the day or evening prior to your service and have a Pre-Art Cleaning Treatment to remove build up. This will help prevent a reaction with the lightener or color, however it is not a guarantee.
  4. Washing or brushing your scalp prior to your service may cause your scalp to be more sensitive.
  5. High caffeine levels may also cause your scalp to be more sensitive.


Formal Styling

Loose or sleek, elegant or funky …the right up-do is the finishing touch for weddings, proms and special occasions. Braids, twists, curls or tendrils – our stylist can turn your everyday tresses into your crowning glory at our Frederick, MD hair salon.